Manual System

New name, same MicroBlaster precision.

Automated system

All the benefits of a manual system with greater precision and efficiency.


A new name in blasting precision.

ProCenter Plus

The ultimate manual workstation.

Advanced Lathe

Automated MicroBlasting on cylindrical parts.


Automated CNC MicroBlasting.


Media for your application.

Legacy components

Full line of older equipment.


Precision Tools for Precision Jobs


Meet AccuFlo, the newest member of the MicroBlaster family. AccuFlo is tough enough to perform in high-volume production environments but versatile enough for smaller shops.

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ProCenter Plus

ProCenter Plus is our cleanest, quietest blasting center, featuring a spacious work chamber, air dryer, and dust collector in one freestanding unit. ProCenter Plus fits conveniently into any workspace and is ergonomically designed for operator comfort.

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Advanced lathe

If your application requires the combination of precision MicroBlasting and a spindle, Advanced Lathe is your answer.

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Our largest automated platform, JetCenter is ideally suited for applications that require significant motion in XYZ. Need to integrate external robotics? JetCenter is your answer.

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An abrasive for every surface

There are three components to factor in when selecting abrasive media: particle shape, size, and hardness. A sharp and hard abrasive like aluminum oxide is ideal for working on metals while sodium bicarbonate is better suited for abrading pliable materials. Explore our wide range of abrasive types and sizes to suit your specific application. (Find Abrasive Safety Data Sheets here.)

Abrasive media guide
  • Aluminum Oxide

    The most common abrasive when cutting is required. Available in the widest range of sizes.

  • Silicon Carbide

    The most aggressive abrasive, quickly removes material and deburrs metals.

  • Crushed Glass

    This sharp, but less hard abrasive is ideal for light abrading.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

    Primary choice for cutting through polymers–and it’s water-soluble.

  • Glass Bead

    Its spherical shape makes it ideal for peening, imparting a satin finish.

  • Walnut Shell

    A combination of low hardness and high mass make it useful for more aggressive cleaning of soft materials.

  • Plastic Media

    This blocky yet soft abrasive is ideal for deburring or deflashing plastics.

  • Wheat Starch

    Our softest abrasive perfect for work on circuit boards and delicate applications.

  • Pumice

    A delicate cutting abrasive, good for removing matrix from fossils.

Precision Nozzles

A nozzle is an integral part of any MicroBlasting system, providing focus and acceleration to the abrasive stream. Manufactured from high-grade tungsten carbide, Comco nozzles guarantee the highest level of repeatability with every blast

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Legacy Components

Since launching our first MicroBlaster in 1968, Comco has delivered unequaled performance, reliability, and precision. With each new generation, we renew our commitment to design excellence and customer satisfaction.

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