Manual System

New name, same MicroBlaster precision.

Automated system

All the benefits of a manual system with greater precision and efficiency.


A new name in blasting precision.

ProCenter Plus

The ultimate manual workstation.

Advanced Lathe

Automated MicroBlasting on cylindrical parts.


Automated CNC MicroBlasting.


Media for your application.

Legacy components

Full line of older equipment.


Reliable.Repeatable. Customizable.

Our Manual System

A complete microblasting solution

Combine the control and power of AccuFlo, the most durable MicroBlaster yet, with the comfort and convenience of the ProCenter Plus workstation and you get a blast-ready solution that works with a wide variety of applications.

  • Powerful

  • Precise

  • Clean

  • Quiet

  • Comfortable

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Our Automated System

Microblasting from production environments

Need more precision and efficiency than a manual system? Advanced Lathe and JetCenter are designed for the steady processing of precision parts, each automated system customizable from a proven platform and delivered as a blast-ready solution.

  • Precise

  • Repeatable

  • Efficient

  • Consistent

  • Flexible

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Try our process

See what precision MicroBlasting can do for you. Send us a part and we’ll MicroBlast it, analyze it, and return it to you with a detailed report.

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